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Air Jordan 1 "forbidden to wear" story

When Jordan wore his first pair of Air Jordan to a game, no one could have imagined that those wacky colored sneakers that even Jordan himself hated would go on to become the greatest basketball shoes in shoe history.

Many people know that the Air Jordan 1 "forbidden to wear" story. It is in 1980s, NBA players under the clear stipulation, cannot wear brightly colored shoes. As a result, red and black color Air Jordan expressly punished by alliance "prohibit wearing", dramatically as a result, MJ was fined $5000 and continue to wear that Air Jordan shoes in the field.

However, what is more dramatic was that story were a lie, a perfect operation of NIKE's excellent public relations. The real protagonist of that story is a pair of red white Air Ship shoes. But there is no denying that it is a wonderful story.